SharePoint 2013 Hosting with :: Search Feature Not Working, How to Fix it?

When we test search feature in SharePoint 2013, it stop working and this is the error message:

The Problem

Turns out, the issue was due to URLs being configured in the Content Sources that either didn’t exist, or did not have a proper DNS entry that pointed the server to the correct location.

How to Fix it?

  • Navigate to Central Administrator
  • Click Application Management
  • Click Manage service applications
  • Click Search Service Application
  • Under Crawling section click Content Sources
  • Click Local SharePoint Sites
  • In the Start Addresses section (see below) remove all URL’s that do not exist

  • Click OK
  • Then try again and it should work now

Why are these URL’s a problem?

Our search server was locking up whenever a crawl would run. This meant that a full crawl or even an incremental crawl never finished. Obviously the issue was due to the site not existing or not being available for the crawler to index the content.

Hope this issue really help you all.