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SharePoint 2013 Hosting with ASPHostPortal.com :: Increase Your Business with SharePoint

SharePoint gives businesses a shared space to store documents so they’re not locked away on any one person’s hard drive. Documents stored on SharePoint can be accessed by anyone in the company – unless the administrator has limited access to a smaller group. This means that you won’t have to travel to multiple offices or wait for multiple emails to get all the files you need for a task. SharePoint also allows you and your coworkers to work simultaneously on a single document, saving previous versions, and tracking updates. So you avoid having to create several different versions of the document by emailing it to all the people whose input you need.

Tips for Increase Your Business with SharePoint

The real value of SharePoint is in how it helps your business work better. To help you weigh the pros and cons of SharePoint, ASPHostPortal’s SharePoint pros sat down for a short video to boil down some important points and benefits of SharePoint for businesses.

Using SharePoint makes it easier, faster and more integrated.

Maintaining separate systems for document storage, collaboration and project management can waste time and resources. SharePoint brings it all together in one application. That’s one application for the IT team to manage and one application for users access files and business processes.

Creating something that will help our clients work better as an organization.

SharePoint helps teams and individuals securely share files for frictionless collaboration. Using SharePoint as a central document repository means users no longer have to search multiple systems for critical files and are able to discuss, edit and publish new content with a few clicks.

Too many people focus on something specific and they miss out on other opportunities.

SharePoint can serve many purposes for an organization; however, many businesses implement it for a singular, narrow purpose. For example, though most businesses use SharePoint for document management, a high growth area of SharePoint usage is creating public facing websites that can rival the look of any modern day website.

With SharePoint, you get a lot of things included.

Businesses can cut through the challenges of implementation that normally require developer intervention and go live sooner. The standard platform options work hand-in-hand with the ease of implementation to give you the freedom to shape and rapidly deploy the business solutions you need.

You think you need an expert, but you don’t.

You might think that adopting SharePoint means finding an expert to configure, deploy and maintain it. In reality, SharePoint is made to allow those with varying degrees of technical expertise to click around and create the business solution needed to get the job done.

Make it look like anything you want.

The level of customization available in SharePoint gives you the ease of using pre-built templates or the freedom to completely design a custom, customer-facing site. Additionally, SharePoint is an extensible platform that lets you build in additional functionality and further mold SharePoint to your organizational needs

Making SharePoint fit into the needs of your business is key to success. ASPHostPortal maintains an expert staff, six of which have been honored with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for their community leadership & expertise in SharePoint, and one staff member has achieved the level of Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) for SharePoint. These employees focus on providing service for our SharePoint customers. Our experienced team can show you how SharePoint can help you achieve your stated goals and tackle goals you might not have thought of SharePoint for.

SharePoint 2013 Hosting with ASPHostPortal.com :: The Easiest Way to Use SharePoint 2013

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web application framework and platform developed by Microsoft. First launched in 2001, SharePoint integrates intranet, content management and document management, but recent versions have broader capabilities.


SharePoint is an online collaboration tool and content management system developed by Microsoft that allows users within an organization to easily share information. It is sort of like Google Apps, but for enterprise and is much more powerful, customizable and versatile. It contains various building blocks (web parts) that allow user to build intranet/extranet portals and manage data and documents within organization.

The Easiest Way to Use SharePoint 2013

In this article, we will tell you about SharePoint tips. There are some SharePoint tips that will make you use SharePoint easier.

  1. Improved support for mobile devices: SharePoint is the home for an increasing amount of work activity. So the improved support for mobile devices is a big deal. Microsoft has made its mobile products much more feature rich. This empowers end users to be able to work remotely, even from a handheld device. For example, if you need access to a specific SharePoint document, you can go to My Site and it is right there. You don’t need to upload it to SkyDrive or Dropbox. The SharePoint app provides access to documents at your fingertips. SharePoint 2013’s HTML5 coded “contemporary” view provides better access to various types of remote devices. SharePoint 2013 also includes new support to reach out and push a message to a specific device.
  2. Migration: SharePoint is no different than most other applications when it comes to migration challenges, including potential delays. You cannot migrate to SharePoint 2013 unless you are already running SharePoint 2010 without the aid of some third-party tools. Most users already have upgraded to SharePoint 2010. But for those still using SharePoint 2007, this could be a major pain point. Users will have to determine whether the new features are worth the upgrade. In other words, is the mobile component a compelling enough reason to upgrade?
  3. Improved branding of web presence: Web designers who are comfortable with HTML, CSS and JavaScript can quickly brand a SharePoint site and develop a good-looking public-facing or internal site. Quicker branding capability means lower development expenses.
  4. Better business intelligence: SharePoint 2013 expands on the business intelligence capabilities introduced in SharePoint 2010.
  5. Improved end-user training: You can use some coding from SharePoint 2010 in SharePoint 2013, meaning you can test and learn before making permanent changes.