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Move Your SharePoint to Cloud Server

cloudserverSharePoint is a browser based platform that can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization by enhancing communication and collaboration as well as streamlining the management of and access to your data.

SharePoint can store your documents in a central, secure location, then allow users to search it for instant access to the data they need. It also enables users to share information across your intranet, whilst ensuring users see only the data that is useful and relevant to them.

SharePoint in the cloud brings enhanced document management capabilities to ensure the integrity of documents stored on team sites: the option to require users to checkout documents before editing, the ability to view revisions to documents and restore to previous versions, and the option to set document and item-level security.

Moving your content from on-premises storage to the cloud offers many benefits. In this article, we will tell you why you should move your SharePoint to the Cloud?

Here are five tips for a successful SharePoint migration:

Clean up your content

Before beginning your SharePoint migration, determine what information to move to the cloud and what you should leave behind. Weeding out any redundant, outdated or trivial content before the migration should make the process easier, while also controlling costs and mitigating risks.

Automate cleanup processes

Deciding whether to delete, migrate or archive each piece of content is time-consuming, so look for ways to automate and streamline the process by using simple rules based on date, author and location.

Take inventory

To minimize errors and unwelcome surprises during your SharePoint migration, take inventory of the content you plan to move and acknowledge the intricacies of the source before you test or migrate to a new destination. The best way to go about this is to truly investigate your content and acknowledge the different object types involved. This inventory may be very granular, including number of versions, quantity of metadata and associated lookup columns within SharePoint or another site collection.

Test your migration before you commit

When moving from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online, it’s important to address the different object types and their migration paths. Each object type is going to have a different migration path with its own challenges. In a test migration, you collect a smaller set of files from the source and move it to the destination, and then make sure all the attributes that you want come over with the files. It also gives you a chance to address any errors and complications, and test the transfer speed. Testing by object type helps you acknowledge the types of content and objects that have to move and any complexities you may run into with each of them.

Set a generous timeframe

Cloud migrations tend to take longer than migrating between two SharePoint on-premises systems. While cloud migration tools may claim to transfer a gigabyte per hour, your actual speed depends on a number of factors and network complexities. Moving data between completely separate data centers may result in low transfer rates, around 100 MB or 250 MB per hour. When you’re dealing with terabytes of data, such a slow rate could put you behind schedule. That’s why it’s important to look for ways to speed up the process.

In the end, to get the best results from your SharePoint migration, it’s important to set appropriate expectations and timeframes. For example, content cleanup may take considerable time depending on your information, cleanup goals and strategy. But considering the potential benefits of streamlining the migration and improving system performance, there’s no sense in cutting corners.

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