SharePoint 2013 Hosting with :: The Quick & Easy Way to Add Metadata to SharePoint Content

What is SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a dynamic and interactive site that allows users to collaborate and manage content via a browser. SharePoint can be mapped to access documents in a shared folder. You can easily access your documents and files from your desktop or any Microsoft Office application.

Hastags in SharePoint

In this article, we will give you some tips for your SharePoint. These tips use one of the most popular features on social media that’s called hashtags. Hashtags is one of the most popular features on social media. If you use sites like Twitter or Instagram, you’ve certainly seen hashtags, and perhaps even used them in your own posts to group messages and add additional context.


Now, hashtags are finding a home in business platforms like SharePoint 2013, providing users with a quick and easy way to add metadata to content. This in turn helps to better categorize content for future searches.

hashtagMKTG_logo_twitter_BLUEThere’s no hiding the fact that metadata and tagging are critical to SharePoint success. People need the ability to easily search for and find information. Yet many users either don’t understand the importance of metadata or simply don’t want to be bothered with tagging. As a result, users often turn to file-sharing services like Dropbox, where they upload their items and move on.

Of course, consumer-grade solutions such as Dropbox don’t provide the security features generally required for business information. That’s why it’s smart to encourage users to take advantage of hashtags in SharePoint. Hashtags are a concept they’re probably familiar with from using social media. That should make using hashtags in SharePoint an easy concept to understand, and ultimately encourage them to use the platform.

How to Use Hastags in SharePoint?

  • Tags must be one word: If you want to create a tag with multiple words, you have to combine the words. Start each word with a capital letter so the tag is easier to read, such as #SharePointTips.
  • Creating hashtags: The article notes that “hashtags are a little quirky in SharePoint.” Users are only allowed to create hashtags in the newsfeed, although they may be used elsewhere.
  • How to “follow” a hashtag: Are you looking to keep tabs on a specific topic? Simply click on the hashtag in a post or add it to the “followed hashtags” section in your profile.

Encourage your users to add metadata by taking advantage of hashtags in SharePoint. The above tips provide a great starting point for helping them to get the most out of hashtags.

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