SharePoint 2013 Hosting – :: Including a Blog to an Existing Site (Without Creating a New Site)

Usually when you want a website in SharePoint 2013, you should produce a brand new website assortment or a subsite using the Website site template.

1dfvwsjbefAt times it would just be simpler (or great) to have a weblog correct in yet another web site for instance a team site or departmental website without the require for yet one more site selection or subsite to maintain. No problem.


You can easily include a weblog to an present website making use of PowerShell. Fire up the SharePoint 2013 Management Console and enter the subsequent command:

Enable-SPFeature -identity “BlogContent” -url <<the url of the site>>

2ntntjNext, navigate to the site in the browser and edit the home page:

3tbrtntnFrom the Insert tab on the top ribbon, click on Web Part:

4grjrjtySelect Posts from the Apps category and click on the Add button:

5trmjrymThe blog posts now appear on your home page:

6mtymtClick on the sample blog post:

7dfnfnYou now have a blog in your existing site without having a separate subsite!