SharePoint 2013 Hosting – :: How you can Perform a SharePoint 2013 site selection improve with PowerShell

I needed to follow-up with a weblog post displaying the actions included. To begin the process, I have restored a copy of my material databases from my SharePoint 2010 surroundings within the SQL Server for my SharePoint 2013 atmosphere. The very first factor we’d like to do is mount the material database with Mount-SPContentDatabase. In SharePoint 2010, this process would truly update the databases and carry out the update. Now, it actually just attaches the database but leaves the positioning working in SharePoint 2010 manner. Efficiently you might be operating an entire copy of SharePoint 2010 within SharePoint 2013. You are able to do this and improve every website assortment 1 at a time to make the changeover process a bit less difficult.

Normally, once you are carrying out this, you will execute Test-SPContentDatabase first and take care of any documented issues. Similar to in SharePoint 2010, you have to set up all your customizations via answer package just before mounting. Test-SPContentDatabase will help you find some of these customizations if they’re missing. For simplicity, I am going to depart that from my instance today. Mount-SPContentDatabase normally takes two parameters: the identify from the database and the URL from the Web Application to bind it to. Here is what the command looks like.

Mount-SPContentDatabase –Name DatabaseName –WebApplication http://server

When it runs, you’ll see a progress indicator.


When it finishes, you’ll likely have problems. You’ll be able to monitor them down and re-mount. More than most likely you’ll usually have some sort of error no matter how tough you try.


Now you are able to go to the site within your web browser. You will see your present site running in SharePoint 2010 manner together using a banner prompting to start out the website assortment update procedure.


You can start the upgrade method correct there in the browser, but we wish to use PowerShell. We are able to see the improve standing of our web site collections making use of Get-SPSite. This cmdlet continues to be up-to-date to point out you the current version (ComaptibilityLevel) from the website collection. A price of fourteen represents SharePoint 2010 whilst a price of 15 signifies SharePoint 2013.



To improve a web site collection, try it out first utilizing Test-SPSite. Like Test-SPContentDatabase, this command can help you identify any specific problems. In my scenario, I’m going to improve my root website collection.

Test-SPSite http://server/sitecollection


SharePoint 2013 features a new idea for the improve analysis web site collection. Effectively this process schedules a job to repeat your site collection, upgrade it, and then optionally notify you (should you include the -email parameter). You really don’t need to use this, but it’s a great approach to check things out when you have a tricky site with a great deal of customizations.

Request-SPUpgradeEvaluationSite http://server/sitecollection

Executing the command simply returns you to definitely a command prompt. Afterwards a job will hearth off and produce the update evaluation site selection. This appears to become managed through the Develop Upgrade Evaluation Site Collections work. It only executes as soon as each day so if you want to obtain your improve analysis website more quickly, you can go manually run it. Right after it completes, you’ll be able to visit your website by appending -eval to your site selection name (i.e.: http://server/sitecollection-eval). Whenever you go to the site you will notice the warning bar at the top telling customers that this is only short term. Right after thirty times or so the web site will get deleted immediately.


When you see I’ve an error within a web part that i require to correct. This is why update website collections can be beneficial to find issues prior to cutting above.

Let’s upgrade out site assortment immediately now. I only received warnings from Test-SPSite so I’m going to move forward using the upgrade and assume everything goes to work fantastic. :) We use Upgrade-SPSite to produce this happen. Pass the URL to the site assortment and become sure and include -VersionUpgrade. It won’t improve for the new version if you depart off that parameter.

Upgrade-SPSite http://server/sitecollection -VersionUpgrade


Depending on the size of your site collection, it may take some time.  When it finishes, you’ll see something similar to the screen below.


Depending on the size of your site collection, it may take some time.  When it finishes, you’ll see something similar to the screen below.


Website Collections Updates certainly are a effective new function in SharePoint 2013 which I believe will really make the procedure smoother. Maintain in your mind, you can also use the new Copy-SPSite cmdlet to produce a copy of one’s web site collection and carry out some tests there.