SharePoint 2013 Hosting – :: How You Can Keep Person Details Consistent Between SharePoint and Active Directory

As we know, a Consumer is developed in the User Information Checklist whenever a user is granted entry to some website in SharePoint 2013. But this checklist is concealed and we’re not capable to make use of the information straight. Also there could not become a great deal of metadata in this list. Occasionally you may develop numerous customer lists to store user details. How can you keep user information from multiple methods (Active directory and SharePoint) steady? The apparent solution could be for IT directors to manually update info in between systems. However it would be tough, possibly even not possible if there is a great deal of data, to help keep data up-to-date and steady. A single simple method to making sure that info is up-to-date and constant is always to use BoostSolutions Lively Listing Information Sync and Information Connector.


I will demonstrate a situation to make clear the best way to make this process perform.

User Data

Data in Active Directory: User (Employee ID, Job Title, Gender, Department, Email, Mobile phone, Employee hiring/start date

Data in SharePoint list:
Employee Base Information in Administrative site: Employee ID (Key), Name, Job Title, Gender, Department, E-Mail, Mobile phone, Employee hiring/start date

Interested Candidates in HR site: Name, Birthday, Interview date, Interview Status, Institution(s) Graduated from, Major, Degree(s)

Employee Record in HR site: Employee ID(Key), Name, Job Title, Department, on board date, Institution(s) Graduate from, Major, Degree(s), Expiration date of Contract

Permissions in SharePoint Listing:
Employee Fundamental information is read-only for all Workers

Intrigued Candidates, Employee File in HR website; contribute-only for HR employee

The process of hiring a new employee


Transferring User Data

Let us focus on how to keep user information consistent.

The image below highlights how user data is transferred using BoostSolutions Active Directory Info Sync and Data Connector.


You need to:

  • Schedule a job (profile) to ensure data is up-to-date and consistent.
  • Enable logs to check if the data transferred correctly or if there were errors.
  • If there are errors, email the administrator.

Key Configurations

Settings in AD Information Sync :


Settings in Profile:


Important Step:

Within the Column Mapping segment, you are able to choose which Advert characteristics you need to transfer into SharePoint. Advertisement info Sync will make certain your data is steady among Advertisement and SharePoint.