SharePoint 2013 Hosting – :: Developing a Site Collection in 2010 Mode in SharePoint 2013

These days I got phoned up by a buddy who asked how on earth he could programmatically produce a web site collection in 2010 mode in SharePoint 2013. Why he wanted to do this I’m not confident, and it is not the point of this post

ahp banner sharepoint-01It’s truly pretty uncomplicated if you appear at the documentation of some of the SPSiteCollection.Add() strategies which take an int as a compabilityLevel parameter. Passing in 14 in this parameter will make certain you get the 2010 appear and really feel. For reference the SPSite.SelfServiceCreateSite() technique has equivalent overloads.

SPWebApplication webApp = new SPSite(<a href="http://host/">http://host</a>).WebApplication;
SPSiteCollection siteCollections = webApp.Sites;
uint lcid = 1033;
int compatLevel = 14;
string webTemplate = "STS#0";
SPSite newSiteCollection = siteCollections.Add("sites/test", "Title", "Description", 1033, compatLevel, webTemplate,
 "DOMAIN\\User", "Name", "Email_Address", "DOMAIN\\User", "Name", "Email_Address");

If you want to do it I PowerShell you can use the following command:

New-SPSite -Url http://host/sites/test -OwnerAlias "DOMAIN\User"

And via Central Admin:

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